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behindLight is an open source software for controlling a scanning ion conductance microscope. It offers constant-z-mode, constant-distance-mode, backstep- and floating-backstep mode as well as recording a second, ion selective, channel.

Data obtained with this software has been published in Happel P, Hoffmann G, Mann SA, Dietzel ID.: Monitoring cell movements and volume changes with pulse-mode scanning ion conductance microscopy. J Microsc. 2003 Nov; 212 (Pt 2):144-51.

behindLight was first developed in the group electro-biochemistry of neural cells at Ruhr university of Bochum, Germany.


behindLight is written in C++. It was tested on Windows 2000, compiled with Borland C++-Builder 5. The software is designed to control a SICM via two CIO-DAC02/16 cards and one CIO-DAS802/16 card from Measurement computing. This company also offers drivers for these cards. The file cbwin32.dll, included in the driver-package, is required for behindLight to work.